Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to getting a puppy from Red Rooster Kennels?

We do not take deposits for upcoming litters, we only accept deposits once puppies have been born. You can however, complete the application and we can alert you when a dog has been bred and when puppies have been born. But also watch our site for puppy news.

Is my deposit refundable?

No, its non-refundable, but we only accept deposits for litters on the ground, so this should alleviate people putting a deposit down months before puppies are born and then something happen and they can’t get the dog or they decide they want another breed, etc.

Can we visit the Kennel?

For the health of the dogs, we only allow deposit holders to visit the kennel and only once puppies are 6 weeks old and have had their first sets of shots. We will designate 1-2 days families can come for each litter to observe and play with puppies.

How often will I receive communications and pictures about my puppies?

At least once a week we will send pictures and give you news about the litter and puppies. What vaccinations and worming will my puppy have before coming to me? All puppies will receive two full vaccinations and be fully wormed before going to their new homes.

Will my sheeepadoodle change colors?

There are no guarantees as to whether the black will remain or fade to grey.  I can get indicators from previous litters and do my best to predict for each litter what will happen, but its impossible to give any kind of guarantee.

How big will my sheepadoodle get?

Again, there are no guarantees.  Because they are a hybrid they can get more sheep dog size or stay a bit smaller, generally the rule is the average of the parents weight…but that foolproof, there are usually outliers.  Within one litter I can have a 15-18 pound difference in size.  Again, I can have a good estimate…but genetics can play tricks sometimes.  I have parents right now that produce litters anywhere from 46-63 and several young dogs that I am getting ready to breed for the first time and am interested to see their size of puppy.

Will I receive a copy of their shot records?


Do you dock their tails and remove dew claws?

The sheepadoodles will have their tails docked and dew claws removed. Standard poodles will have tails docked to akc standard (which depends on puppy, but usually with 1/4-1/3 being removed and dew claws removed.  Different breeders do different things, my preference is to dock the tail, I like that look, so I dock tails.

When is the balance due on my puppy?

Puppy must be fully paid for by 6 weeks of age.

What kind of food will you be feeding the puppy?

When they are weaned, we feed them Iam’s Smart Puppy. You can change that food once the puppy is home if you want BUT PLEASE be sure not to change the food the first week, as they will be getting used to their new home. After the first week, any new food should be added to the food they are on very slowly over a 10 day period. This way their stomachs will not be upset by a drastic change in food.

Does my sheepadoodle or standard poodle puppy require grooming?

Yes, both the sheepadoodle and standard poodle require grooming to keep them clean, coats unmated, and “cute”. The frequency depends on how good you are at brushing your dog, how often they are outside, and the cut you have on them (if they are shorter, they need to be groomed less frequently then when they are left longer). As well, something I didn’t know when I started, both will need to have their ears plucked; I had never hear do such a thing, but it is necessary to keep ears clean and clear of infection.


Shipping can be discussed on a case by case basis. An additional fee would be added. We can also discuss a fee if you want us to drive to meet you.