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I have obviously not kept up this page, my apologies.  So already in 2018 Reba and Josie had their litters and they were gorgeous…Reba surprised me with several brown, black, white puppies (Bernedoodle look).  Both Reba and Josie puppies are getting rave reviews for potty training, learning quickly, stable and unafraid of new things, and generally just darling!

Ellie, Fancy, and Oreo will have litters in the first couple of weeks of July.  Its Oreo’s (she is a sheepadoodle) first litter and my first litter of F1b puppies for a while.  They should have wonderful coloring with perhaps some surprise brown or sable in their coat.  As of today, 6/22/2018 there are a couple of spots in Fancy and Oreo’s litters.  Ellie and Oreo’s puppies will have Ben my tri colored standard poodle as the dad…its his first litters!

Late summer/fall/winter 2018 I am expecting (although this is mother nature) several F1 litters from new moms and Cody (my gorgeous blue eyed sheepdog with the most chill temperament).  I hope Cleo (small standard poodle), Ziya (Cleo’s sister), Poppy (cream/white standard poodle) to have their first litters.  Poppy’s puppies coloring I will be interested to see – poodle genetics are complex (she is cream/white).  Possily Izzy (sheepadoodle) with F1b puppies towards the end of the year.  I could have some spots open in this litter and will be going off my waitlist to fill the litters.

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Ellie, our sheepdog had a beautiful litter of F1 sheepadoodles on May 25th, a few days earlier than I expected, but they are gorgeous and doing wonderfully.  Its the chocolate/candy bar litter or 3 boys and three girls (Hershey, Mr. Goodbar, Mars, Dove, Kit Kat, and Baby Ruth).  All puppies are spoken for, thrilled to see what they look like and what their little personalities are like as they get older.

I expect to have additional litters (waiting for them to come into heat as of today 5/30/2017) from both Josie, bred to Doc for F1 puppies – this will be her second litter, her first litter was gorgeous and for the most part seem to be charting to be a little smaller than Stormy’s…hoping 50 and under except for Ambrose (Zeus) who I believe will be bigger.  Stormy bred again to Charlie for F1b puppies – this will be her third litter.  They are for the most part curlier, but great boxy body and super smart.  I have one additional girl that I am waiting for, this will be her first litter…thats Reba my red/white standard poodle bred to Doc for F1 puppies, not sure if any red will come in or not, it would be a nice surprise.  I am excited to see my puppies of 2017.  Please know that puppies are already spoken for by the time they are born from my waitlist.  I don’t ever expect to have puppies available for people not on my waitlist.

March 2017:

A sheepdog breeder friend of mine (the breeder I got both my sheepdogs from) bred her sheepdog Abby to my standard poodle Charlie, so will be having a litter of F1 sheepadoodles around March 10th.  She is using my wait list to home her puppies, as I have lots of families waiting for a puppy.  Abby will stay at her house in Dallas and her mom will be responsible for raising the puppies and those getting a puppy from Abby will go to her home to receive.  As well, she has her own guarantee and process; but obviously I like her and her dogs as I have two.  Abby and Charlie’s puppies will likely be a minimum of 55 pounds and up to around 65.  I have already contacted and received confirmation from 6 people on my waitlist that they want an Abby puppy.  I suspect Abby will have 8-10 puppies, but until we have a better count, I will not confirm any additional families.

July 2018:

My apologies, I have not updated this page in a while.  We have had a couple of litters (Josie and Reba) that are getting ready to go home to their new families.  Reba had a several tri colored puppies that were just too cute; we have never had the tri color before and I am a fan.

I am waiting for pregnancy confirmation, but I believe Ellie (sheep dog), Fancy (phantom poodle), Oreo (sheepadoodle, so F1b puppies), and CoCo (moyen/klein or medium sized poodle, for 20ish pound phantom colored poodles) are pregnant, due sometime in the first couple of weeks of July.  Ben my tri-colored standard poodle male will be the dad to Ellie and Oreo puppies.  Ellie puppies are generally very sheep dog looking, this is Oreo’s first litter, but they should be about 60-70 pounds with nice amounts of black/white and possibly some brown.

Fancy was bred again to Bentley (a borrowed sheepdog) ; Fancy puppies will be mostly black with a bit of white on face, on chest, stomach and possibly paws).  They have really calm personalities and people have raved about their trainability.

Coco will have my first litter of poodles…smaller and phantom in coloring with the parti gene, I can’t wait to see what they look like.

There will be additional litters coming fall/winter and I will update this site with that information when I have it.