Our Dogs


Josie – Female Standard Poodle

Josie is solid black, but also has the parti gene.  She is great with children and other dogs, she has the sweetest temperment. She is a smaller standard poodle that we hope will produce a slightly smaller sheepadoodle or standard poodle. I have not had the chance to take her to puppy class, but she is smart and has the sweetest temperament. She loves nothing more than to climb in the chair and sit with us. She will have either fully registered standard poodle puppies in both solid and parti or first generation sheepadoodles, depending on the male we use. She had her first litter of sheepadoodles in Dec. 2016 and they were adorable.  Puppies are maturing anywhere from 47 pounds to 65.  She can have F1 or F1 puppies

Josie Small standard poodle

Ellie – Old English Sheepdog

Ellie old english sheepdogEllie is such a pretty girl and super smart and very playful.  She had her first litter of F1 sheepadoodles in May of 2017 and they were absolutely adorable.  They are bigger for the most part, I expect them to mature to 55-65 pounds. She is very sweet with a bit of spunk.

Weight:  57 pounds

Reba – Female Standard Parti Poodle (red and white tuxedo)

Reba is a beautiful red and white parti poodle.  In her first litter in March 2018 she surprised with some brown/black/white puppies (bernedoodle looking)  She has the tan points in her genetics but I didn’t know they would come out like they did…too cute.

Weight – 45 pounds

Fancy – Standard Poodle, she is black with light phantom markings.

She is very sweet and has the softest coat.  September 2017 was her first litter (F1) and she had probably the calmest litter I have had, just the littlest it shy which isn’t bad for training purposes (so long as they are not fearful.  They were mostly black with white abstract markings (white bellies, some white on chest, some on paws, some on face) which is what I will expect out of all of her litters.  She can have F1 or F1b puppies.

Weight 55 pounds


Oreo – Female Sheepadoodle

Oreo is expecting her first litter of F1b sheepadoodles in early July 2018…I can’t wait to see what they look like, they should have lots of white and possibly some brown or sable along with black coloring.  She is about 55 pounds, nice boxy body, cute coloring and patch over her eye, and just wonderful.  She is with a wonderful guardian home being loved and nurtured and will come to see me when its time for puppies.



 Cody – Male Sheepdog with blue eyes.

He is just a puppy, born October 2, 2017…but he comes from great lines and I am excited to see the puppies he will produce.  He is very laid back and just a love, wants to be with you all the time.  He is older now of course than when this picture was taken, but I love those blue eyes.

Ben – Tri-colored Standard Poodle

I am so excited about this boy, he has the best bone structure and coloring…and super sweet.  I hope to start seeing puppies from him and Ellie (and my sheepadoodle females) sometime Spring/Summer 2018.


Coco – Female small standard poodle

Dolly - small standard poodleUPDATE:   Coco is still very small, (15 pounds), if she doesn’t grow I may have to get creative and do another kind of doodle (maybe a mini aussiedoodle) or pure poodle.  She is a moyen sized (which should mean medium size) poodle. She is phantom colored (black with rust…like a Doberman)  She is with a guardian home and is loved by her family and will get to come spend time with me when she has puppies.

Cleo – Female Black and White Parti Poodle

Cleo is Charlie’s (my now retired standard poodle) half sister.  Charlie is the best dog, so I when I had the opportunity to get his half sister I had to.  She doesn’t disappoint, she is calm, super smart (passed puppy obedience so easily and was the calmest girl in the room.  I then took her to a Canine Good Citizenship Class and she passed that test easily.  She is smaller (expect around 40 pounds at maturity) and will be future mom to F1 or F1b puppies.

Ziya – Black and White Parti Poodle

She is Cleo’s sister and lives in a guardian home.  She looks very similar to Cleo, unfortunately I don’t have a good picture.  But she is sweet and her guardian home loves her.  She can have F1 or F1b puppies.  Like Cleo, I estimate she will mature to around 40 pounds.

Poppi – Cream/White Parti Poodle

She is different coloring than my others…but I loved her.  Will be interested to see what coloring her puppies are…suspect they will be grey.  She is very sweet, smart and will be bigger at maturity (around 55-60 I estimate).  She has a wonderful guardian home, you can see her with her boys in the picture.  Her family took her through obedience classes and she did so well!

Izzie – sheepadoodle female

Izzie is a bigger sheepadoodle (she should mature to around 60 pounds), super fun, and so cute!  She lives in a guardian home and her mother adores her and takes her out all over town, all the time.  Her mom has taken her through obedience and she is an ambassador for sheepadoodles wherever she goes.  She should have puppies fall 2018/winter 2019.