Past Puppies


Josie’s litter of March 2018:










Reba’s litter of March 2018:











Ellie’s Litter of December 2017:










Ellie’s Litter born May 25, 2017 – Just a beautiful litter and equal amount boys and girls…6 puppies total

The boys                                                                          The girls                                                                 Just lounging


Stormy/Josie December 2016 puppies now in their new homes:


Hera 8 weeks puppy 9 puppy 8 puppy 6 puppy 5 puppy 3 puppy 4 puppy 1


Stormy and Josie Litters born December, 2016 – these puppies are beautiful and at close to 5 weeks seem to have great personalities!  Stormy had 5 F1b puppies (they are big and fat) and Josie had 8 F1 puppies, they are smaller…but Josie is 20 pounds smaller than Stormy and had more puppies.  All puppies are healthy and growing and wonderful.  Below are a few pictures of these great puppies.

Stormy’s puppies, December 2016:  3 boys, 2 girls.

Stormy Dec 2016 2Stormy Dec 2016 3Stormy Dec 2016 4Stormy Dec 2016 1


Josie’s Litter, December 2016:  4 boys and 4 girls

Hera 2 - girl Josie's litterJosie Dec 2016 2Josie Dec 2016 5Zeus - boy Josie's litter

Poseidon 2 - girl Josie's litter

I have heard nothing but good things about our first litter of puppies.  I have heard smart, healthy, loveable, funny…all the things you hope to hear about your puppies!  Can’t wait to see what future litters are like!  Feedback I recently requested and received about size – at 7 months these puppies are ranging from 40-60 pounds, so quite a range.  I can now better predict size of each puppy because I can go back to the first litters weight info. as a guide.  I am hearing they are a medium energy, great with other dogs and people, a couple are a little leaner, but not thin and the rest are the boxy body, about 1/2 are curlier and the other wavy coated, very trainable from those that commented on this aspect; loveable, and a couple of counter surfers, which is not unexpected :).  Health-wise I had one family that had a terrible experience with a dog and hip dysplasia and had to be put down at a very early age.  Because of this experience they had their puppy x-rayed recently and her hips looked great…I am thrilled for them and as the breeder.  Even with good hipped parents, you can get a puppy with issues, so its great to have this result.  Puppies have stayed black and people seem to be very happy with them.  I have 2 of the 7 that have already approached about getting another puppy in the future.  I call it a real success!


May 21, 2016 Litter




Lexus at 7 months


Miller (formerly Bronco) 5 months




Toby (formerly Jaguar) 5 monthsToby (formerly Jaguar) 5 months





Maggie (formerly Porsche) 7 months



Baylee (formerly Shelby) 5 months



cheyenne(Chloe, formerly Cheyenne 5 months)




Cosmo (formerly Wrangler) at 5 monthsCosmo (formerly Wrangler) 5 months

Some other pictures of this litter:



Fancy is my beautiful phantom colored standard poodle…from wonderful French lines.  Fancy had her first litter in November of 2017.  They were mostly black with really nice asbstract white markings.  This litter was especially calm and feedback says very easy to train.  Below are some pictures of this litter as puppies and at about 5 months.