Purchasing Info

Why purchase a Red Rooster Puppy?

We have worked to have calm, well-structured dogs in our breeding program and to have puppies with good temperament and quality. Our parent dogs are family pets and have been taken to obedience classes and are good with other dogs and children. To date (March 2016) I have taken two of them through the Canine Good Citizenship (“CGC”) classes and they went on to pass the test (I hope to take more through, it’s simply been a time issue, they could all do it). The CGC is a certification that again indicates a good temperament as the dogs have to pass a series of tests that show they are good around people, strange noises and situations, and other dogs.

Our puppies will come to you well socialized and we begin crate training and potty training at six weeks of age. They will be exposed to different noises and environments to assist their ability to handle new situations and stay calm.

We offer a 24 month guarantee on all our puppies; please see our Guarantee on the Sales Agreement page.


Once you make the decision to purchase one of our puppies, you pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 to hold your puppy. Check and money orders are only accepted for the balance if puppies are under the age of 6 weeks.

Puppy Pickup

Our puppies are ready for their new homes at 8-9 weeks of age. At 8 weeks they can be picked up at our house. We would prefer not to ship puppies, but to have you come pick them up. If you prefer to meet us or have the puppy brought to you, contract us and we can discuss it.

If you want a puppy shipped, we can discuss that option and depending on time of year and your location, we may have an ability to ship for an additional fee of $425, which includes crate, health certificate, and airfare). We only ship puppies over the age of 8 weeks. Any puppies left after 9 weeks of age will incur a $10 per day fee to care for your puppy until they are picked up.

Breeder Reservation

We reserve the right to any puppy(ies) from any litter. Once the puppies are born and we have made our choice (if we keep any), we will update the website and send e-mails to let everyone know what is available. Puppies are chosen in the order deposits are received; puppies must be chosen at 6 weeks of age in order to let other purchasers know what is available. If you do not pick a puppy from the litter or if mom doesn’t have the number of puppies or puppy you were looking for, you can move your deposit to another litter.

Breeding Rights

All our puppies are sold without breeding rights. For the Standard Poodles, they are sold with limited AKC Registration papers. If you are interested in Full AKC Registration, contact me and we can discuss it. The Sheepadoodles are a hybrid, so are not a registered breed, but we do expect all puppies to be spayed or neutered unless agreed to otherwise, and in writing, by Red Rooster Kennels. Please see Puppy Sale Agreement for further information on this subject.